About Temples

After the grand churches come the Hindu temples. Some were destroyed by the Portuguese and later rebuilt while a few survived their wrath. The Goan temples follow a strict clothing policy that prohibits people with short or indecent clothes. Western clothes are not a problem as long as the clothes do not display any vulgarity. Below listed are a few popular Goan temples:


Tambdi Surla- This Mahadev temple was constructed by the Kadamba dynasty in the 12th As one of the oldest temple in Goa it is also a protected monument. This temple is amidst greenery with a water body flowing near it. Locals as well as tourists spend a day over here admiring the architecture, trekking along the temple and enjoying a swim in the stream.

Where? Sanguem. 58kms from Panaji.


Shri Shantadurga Temple- A temple dedicated to Goddess Shantadurga who is a form of the ancient Goddess Santeri. This temple is always full of worshippers. The Shantadurga Temple is strict with dress code so if you plan on visiting it, please dress modestly.

Where? Kavlem. 32kms from Panaji.


Mangueshi temple- Dedicated to Lord Maguesh who is a form of Lord Shiva is another major temple in Goa. A temple which follows a dress code This temple is a beautiful union between modern day architecture and traditional hindu pattern.

Where? Ponda. 21kms from Panaji.


Brahma Temple- One must visit this temple to experience divinity. A tall statue of Lord Brahma stands in the centre of the premise blessing all the devotees. The locals believe that Lord Brahma will bless all those who come to seek his blessings so a lot of devotees visit the temple.

Where? Valpoi. 44kms from Panaji.