About Shopping


Located in the heart of the capital city, Panjim market not only contains vegetables and fish but the inside shops host a variety of shops from clothes, shoes, accessories to gifts. You can go to the Panaji market for cheap clothes you can wear to the beach, while exercising or even chilling with your friends. A lot of youngsters throng the market to buy the latest footwear.

With a number of shoe shops in the market, one is often spoilt for choice. It also has a gift shop where one can buy gift items, show pieces for cheap and also in bulk. Another thing that the market is famous for is bangles and other accessories. A section of the market also sells cheap MP3 and DVDs and mobile covers and screen protectors. Panaji Market is a one stop market for your daily needs. This market opens by 9 am and shuts by 7 pm. 

Where? Panaji

What to Buy? Clothes, footwear, gifts, Cds, Mobile accessories

Goan cashews and goan alcohol are extremely famous, and Panaji has a few shops which cater to these. One of the most famous cashew retailer shop is that of Zantyes which sell fresh cashews from their own farm. Shri Krishna Cashews is also a very famous cashew retailer in Panaji.

Feni, goan wine, urrak and everyone’s favourite King’s beer are the drinks that are available exclusively in Goa. The well known wine shops in Panaji include Tom’s Wine and Liquor, Clive Wines, Ghanekar Enterprises, Ruchi Wine Palace to name a few.


Located around 15kms from Panaji, the Mapusa market is right behind the bus stand. This is again a day market beginning from 9am to around 6pm. While you may complain that it is just like the Panaji market with shops with clothes, footwear and accessories, you may not be aware of its specialty.

The Mapusa Market is just another market everyday, but Fridays are very special. The market has more stalls further attracting more people. On Fridays one will notice heaps of clothes piled on a table with a sign saying Rs 100 or Rs 200. The clothes are neither defective nor old fashioned.

If you are lucky you will go back with tops that look worth thousand bucks for which you have actually paid a hundred. The market also witnesses several shopkeepers with the latest accessories. Mapusa Market is the place for fashionistas on budget. 

Where? Mapusa. 15kms from Panaji

What to buy? Clothes, accessories


Almost every tourist visits Calangute and Baga atleast once on their trip to Goa. The Calangute-Baga road is lined with shops selling various funky stuff. They have t-shirts with funny quotes, tank tops, Jack Daniels and superhero t-shirts to neon t-shirts. This coupled with shorts, short and long dresses, a variety of sunglasses and caps. They only sell petrol in bottles for those who realize that they are out of fuel.

Some shops also sell bikinis and other swim wear but they mostly focus on clothes. A few of them sell accessories like anklets, bracelets, chunky rings and neck pieces. And lastly one can also find flip flops on the shops. These shops sell the necessary beach stuff which will complete your beach ootd (outfit of the day) or attire, getting you beach ready and Goa ready. These shops are open from morning till late at night. Calangute is roughly 16kms away from Panaji.

Where? Calangute-Baga. 16kms from Panaji

What to buy? Swimwear, funky t-shirts, sunglasses, dresses


Open only on Wednesday during the day, Anjuna Flee Market has made a name of itself. Lined with shops selling clothes, accessories and more, one can often see a lot of foreigners on either side of the stalls. This flee market is famous for trinkets, handbags, hammocks, accessories, clothes, embroidered stuff, home décor items, artifacts and so on. Be ready to bargain so you get a good rate for the items you purchase. This open during the day and as it has a cover on top, the heat doesn’t get to you.

Where? Anjuna. 21kms from Panaji

What to buy? Hammocks, trinkets, artifacts


As the name suggests this is one of Goa’s night bazaar which promises a night or revelry to all. Situated in Arpora Mackie’s Bazaar is a seasonal bazaar held every Saturday, which is open from October till May from late evening till the wee hours of the morning.

This bazaar is a little different from the rest, apart from the difference in timing, this bazaar is not just a place to shop for clothes, accessories, artifacts and more, but the innumerable food stalls here spoil its visitors with delicious food. From stalls with pizza, tibetian food, greek food, pancakes and desserts.

Mackie’s Night Bazaar lets its visitors choose between soft drinks, mock-tails, cocktails and beers. This coupled with bands with singers, fire dancers and other shows will make sure that you had a good night.

Where? Arpora. 17kms from Panaji

What to Buy? Food, alcohol, clothes, accessories


Another seasonal night bazaar situated in Arpora that has earned a name for itself. This bazaar is bigger than Mackie’s Night bazaar and is open from October till May from 6pm till 3am. The shops are spread around in the market which is divided into the lower areaupper area and the central area. While the central area has multiple food and beverage stalls with Goa’s leading restaurants selling food there.One can pick from Greek food to Tibetian food to Indian food and other continental options.

Apart from this one is spoiled for choice for desserts and drinks as well. Many locals make it a point to visit this Saturday Night Bazaar at least once a year in order to gobble on all the delicious food. Saturday Night bazaar has fire dancers, singers, bands, Russian dancers entertaining its visitors while they eat in the central are.

One can find shops with clothes from all over the world and nooks and corners of India. From Indian skirts to Spanish skirts, kimonos, weaved bikini tops, leather goods, hammocks, artifacts, silver jewelry, various birth stoneswooden items etc. Another thing one spots at almost every corner of this bazaar are tea stalls selling a wide variety of tea from all over India.

This place also has small corners reserved for dancing where one can pick up a beer and groove to the music without causing any trouble. This place has multiple entries and zero network inside so it is advisable for groups to stay together and spread out. 

Where? Arpora. 17kms from panaji

What to Buy? Food, tea, wooden and leather items, clothes, accessories

Goa’s potential as a shopping center is often neglected as people prefer to focus on Goan beaches and party spots. In order to get a true Goan experience one has to visit these places and enjoy what Goa has to offer.