About Churches

The Portuguese not only ruled Goa for 300 years, but they also built a number of Churches in this state. These churches have a Portuguese style of architecture and are as breath taking as the Goan beaches. You do not have to a Christian or a religious person to visit these churches. Go there to experience the vibrant beauty and feel the tranquility that the place offer.


Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church- The capital city of Goa houses a popular church which can be seen in the background of several Bollywood movies. This church is also called the Panjim Church. Its unique architecture with double flights of steps leading to the church never fails to impress anyone.

Where?  Panaji

Bom Jesus Basilica- A world UNESCO site, this grand church is one of the oldest churches constructed in the 15th century and painted by Dom Martin Basilica. This church houses the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier that can be seen when you enter the interiors of the church. The feast of St. Francis Xaviers is celebrated on 3rd December every year.

Where? Old Goa. 12kms from Panaji

Se Cathedral- Right opposite to Bom Jesus Basilica is Se Cathedral. While Bom Jesus Basilica is made of a red stone, Se Cathedral is painted white. A church equally beautiful and unique in its own way, displaying a Portuguese-Manqueline architectural style and Tuscan interiors enchants all its visitors and devotees.

Where? Old Goa. 12kms from Panaji.

Church of Our Lady of the Mont- A little distance away from the Old Goa churches is this breath taking church perched on a hill. You witness a scenic view from the hill overlooking Old Goa, the Mandovi river and Charao islands.

Where? Ella. 11kms from Panaji.

Church of St. Cajetan- Following the same style as the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica, this church is one of the most beautiful churches in South Goa. This church is a reminiscence of the bygone Portuguese era and a testimony of their grandeur.

Where? Velha. 12kms from Panaji

Mae De Deus Church- The unique Neo Gothic style of architecture can be seen in Saligao’s famous church. The white structure is illuminated at night which magnifies its beauty by highlighting its distinctive architecture.

Where? Saligao. 12kms from Panaji.

St Andrew’s Church- This church is one of the most famous sights in Vasco with its white façade and ornamented interiors. This church is situated in the same city as the airport.

Where? Vasco. 26kms from Panaji